Cheryl, a victim of early on set Alzheimer disease has become a burden and a source of frustration for her loving husband Jerry. Desperately needing a break from his care giving duties, Jerry escapes out of the house. Cheryl, alone, loses her tenuous grasp on reality and floats in and out of her past memories. Jerry returns to find her reliving the happiest day of her life and his - their wedding.



Invitation from Freehart Productions to screen the short film "Remember"


THE MAKING OF A GLOBAL FAMILY is a colorful documentary about a multi?racial ensemble of drummers and dancers. The Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble entertains and educates audiences of all ages about Nigerian traditions and culture through the use of music, song and dance. The Ensemble was formed by Francis Awe in 1985 in response to the growing interest in the Talking Drum. Whether it is the slow mystic dance for Obatala (the god of peace and purity), or the hot fiery dance of Sango (the god of thunder)or Sabada(a social dance of praise to the creator), the group will truly transform you to the shores of Nigeria.




The Blessing Way

An African-American couple, expecting their first child, have chosen to bring the baby into the world with the assistance of a midwife in the comfort of their own home, incorporating an Americanized African ritual ceremony. When the woman’s sister, a corporate success story, arrives, the two women lock horns over the method of birth. The conflict between conventional medicine and African tradition reaches a climax and results in a very dramatic resolution.


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