Saute (spray of Oil) until  tender:           

Stir in:                                      

Remove from Heat.

Collard Green preparation:

Remove the thickest part of the stem from 10 large washed Collard Green leaves.   Place the leaves  into  a pot of boiling water and blanch  for  3/4 minutes. Remove, dry and flatten leaves on to paper towel (keep them separate).           

Pre Heat Oven: 350 degrees.

Pan preparation:   Make a bed of ˝ inch sliced onions in a shallow oven ready pan with cover (or use aluminum foil ).

Roll up preparation: Place ˝ cup of Mushroom mixture on upper portion of each collard green leaf -  Fold and roll up. Place each roll up  (seam side down) on the bed of slice onions.

 16 ounces of Tomato Sauce: Pour 16 ounces of Tomato sauce (your favorite) over roll ups, cover pan (aluminum foil or top) and place pan in the preheated oven.   Bake for 30/35  minutes.

Enjoy the Collard Greens Roll ups with a side of salad, pasta or by themselves!